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Crane® Composites FRP Solutions at Lone Star Materials

For construction customers in south central Texas

Crane Composites Inc., a subsidiary of Crane Company, is the world's leading provider of fiber-reinforced composite materials.

At Lone Star Materials, we understand the confidence that comes from having exactly the right building supplies for your local construction projects. Crane Composite FRP products and accessories are available* for order or pickup at our yards in Austin, La Feria, Laredo, or San Antonio, or can be delivered directly to your commercial or residential jobsites.

Visit a showroom or search our inventory online to learn more.

*Inventory varies by location. Call your local yard to confirm specific product availability. If we do not have in stock at your local yard, we will be glad to order it for you.

FRP Solutions from Crane Composites

All Crane products reflect the company’s mission to be a performance-driven global leader in the production of high-quality composite materials. Crane is committed to profitable growth that benefits employees and stakeholders alike by adherence to the highest standards of operational excellence.

The Crane Company is proud to certify that its quality FRP products sold under the trusted brand names Glasbord®, Sequentia®, Filon®, Noble®, ArmorTuf® and Kemlite® are domestic end products manufactured or produced in the United States of America. Lone Star Materials stocks a wide variety of Crane Composites FRP products for construction pros in the southeastern US, including:

FRP Wall and Ceiling Panels (available in variable colors and lengths)

  • Sequentia® Class C embossed FRP wall panels
  • Sanigrid® Pebbled embossed ceiling panels
  • Glasbord® FRP Class A embossed ceiling panels
  • Sequentia® Class A FRP pebbled wall panels
  • Glasbord® FRP panels w/ Surfaseal®
  • Glasbord® FRP Class C smooth wall panels
  • Varietex® Class C Sandstone wall panels
  • Sequentia® FRP pebbled wall panels
  • Varietex® Class C smooth wallboard panels

Division Bars (available in variable colors)

  • Kemlite® FRP division bars
  • Sequentia® FRP division bars
  • Standard aluminum FRP division bars

Corners, End Caps, and Trim (available in variable colors and lengths)

  • Kemlite® FRP inside corner
  • Standard aluminum FRP inside corner
  • Kemlite® FRP outside corner
  • Standard aluminum FRP outside corner
  • Kemlite® FRP outside corner trim
  • Sequentia® FRP outside angles
  • Silhouette Trims end caps
  • Sequentia® FRP end caps

Ceiling Systems and Accessories (available in variable colors and lengths)

  • Sanigrid® II Ceiling Grid System cross tees
  • Sanigrid® II Ceiling Grid System SG203 wall angles

Adhesives, Fasteners, and Accessories (available in variable colors and lengths)

  • Sequentia® FRP rivets
  • Kemlite® FRP rivets
  • Sanigrid® II Hold-down clips for 3/32”- 9/32” panels
  • Crane Composites advanced polymer adhesive - 3.5 gallon
  • Kemlite® FRP Fast Grab adhesive - 4 gallon
  • Color Rite™ pre-tooling mist
  • Color Rite™ Color Sil Caulk / Satin Vik - 10.3 oz tube

Buy Crane Composites FRP at Lone Star Materials in South Texas

South central Texas builders and construction pros - learn more about FRP products from Crane Composites or start your order now. Lone Star Materials is here to help.

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About Lone Star Materials

A proud member of the GMS family of companies, Lone Star Materials, Inc. offers commercial and residential customers the best quality construction supplies across south central Texas (Austin, La Feria, Laredo, or San Antonio). Our employees pride themselves on being hard working, safe and professional. Whether you need drywall, insulation, acoustical tile, tools, or other construction accessories, Lone Star Materials has your central south Texas construction needs covered.

About Crane Composites

For more than 50 years, the Crane Company has been advancing technologies and improving the quality of industrial and commercial product applications. From manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Indiana, Crane serves a diverse client base worldwide. Those customers have come to rely on Crane as their trusted partner in providing for the highest quality composite and FRP materials.

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